Rest your head and  go to bed
Let your mind digest all the thoughts that you’ve had
Tomorrow is another day
To open your eyes
And laugh and play
Be brave, for life is a scary thing
Yet there’s always a song for you to sing
The world around you is so new
There’s constantly more to see and do
Imagination is key
Be the best that you can be
Smiling will get you through
Jump at all the opportunities that come to you
You’ll make mistakes
Yet learn from them
Remember, you are only human
Welcome to earth
Have lots of fun
Make memories that forever live on

Disheveled little mess
We’ve come to relieve your stress
In about an hour you will be
More in touch with reality
Don’t you cry
It’s not so bad
Take a deep breath and relax
Look around and you will grow
You’ll see a world you didn’t know
Trust your instincts
Take it all in
Welcome to the world of sin
It’s vibrant here
It will make you smile
We hope you enjoy
You’ll be here for awhile

Your lips were like poison
Everytime they touched me it sent an electric shock through my body
And I was so jaded
For it’s not that I fell for all your little tricks
No, that’s not it at all
I knew every last one of them
But I ignored them all
Because everytime you shocked me with your lips the pain from your evil tricks disapeared

She can not claim insanity
For it’s not really her
She can not claim insanity
Because the drugs are there
It is completly her fault
Noone else is to blame
The things she does are her choice
She let’s the drugs take over her brain
Her mother tries to fight for her
But is it really fair?
Her mother tries to fight for her
Yet she’s the reason why she’s there
She sells her daughter acid
She sells her daughter meth
She sells her daughter everything that makes her daughter crash
The judge calls her daughter up
And what does her daughter say?
“My mother should be up here. My mother is to blame!”

They say what goes around comes around
But I’m not convinced
The bad get all the good deserve
Gods “plan” has deviously switched
Mighty powerful one
This trick is fucking sick
Putting the good through chaos
While those bastards sin in bliss
I thought pure souls that pray get blessed
You lied oh faithful one
I heard Heaven was a stress free place
Yet Hell has surely won

Man created Internet
As an imitation of reality
Masking what would really be
if it weren’t for this computer screen
What we are seeing isn’t happening now
It happened before
And with great time and effort
Man created more
This virtual world is hard to ignore
we are allowing it to become life’s underscore
The simplicity of downloading porn
We are losing appreciation of getting dome
Mimicking the human body
Yet made with a lot less memory
And viruses come easily
With expensive medicine
Those money making technicians
Attempting to rule the world
Causing greed and other glitches
Wires have become stronger than bones
And we sit back and watch it happen
While society condones
Internet is taking over
Who knows what the future holds

We try to make life better
Yet life didn’t need to progress
All we are doing is creating
Setting a twist on a natural place
And putting life under an artificial test
We did just fine without the devices
That cause recession, war, and death
I remember a world with grass and trees for all to see
Now all the land we touch turns to stone
create, create, create
We are in mechanic lust
Please, bring me to a place
That humans can not touch

Feelings are a fantasy
Depicted in the mind
Brains are only an entity allowing imagination to come alive
Reality is more than just a fathom of the mind
Atoms are the simple form of truth we seem to hide
Each and every one of us from grass to human beings
Are made up of these particles and sewn up at the seams
To be able to think, feel, love and heal may seem like a true gift
But really, what’s the difference between a rock, bug, and person?
We are all alive and we are all alike
Our energies have mixed together creating what is life

I’d like to be free as a bird
Fly away without a word
To travel anywhere for free
And fly wherever I please
Instead i’m here on my damn feet
Hoping to become something before i decease
Limitations rest in me
They are born to fly relentlessly
Soaring through the sky so clear
I don’t know where i’m heading here
I’ve watched dreams shatter in front of me
While they have found serenity

It’s never too late To start something new
Let go of the past
It’s all up to you
Attachments, addictions means changes are due
Don’t fear it
Allow it
It’s part of life’s path 
Each opportunity is a chance to improve
Explore and adventure
Don’t bound yourself to one truth
Trying is learning
It’s how we transgress
Be good to your mind
Decide your OWN success